We have been blessed with three beautiful babies all born at home with our wonderful midwife of many years, Kindra Hersh. She was my saving grace, my rock, with my first birth. The labor was long and intense, but Kindra was by my side the entire time, talking me through the pain and holding my hand. At our second birth, she was my daughter's saving grace. With the last push, the baby slipped into the birthing tub with Kindra ready and waiting. She gently and gracefully lifted her out of the water while simultaneously untangling her cord from her neck, arm, and stomach. It seemed like one smooth motion, then she placed our little angel in my arms. I was amazed at her strength and poise. With our third birth, she was not only present again as our midwife, and friend, but as family. I am so proud to know such an amazing lady. Thank you Kindra for all you have done for our family!

- Anya

Bend, Oregon Midwife

Offering midwifery care, home birth services, doula services, breastfeeding support, and childbirth education classes in Bend, Redmond, Sisters, La Pine, Prineville, and Madras.

I am so happy to announce that Dana Johnson and I have decided to merge our practices. Please visit us at Mandala Midwifery


 "Above all, I believe in the family’s right to make informed decisions about what kind of care they receive throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum. My goal is to assist each family to become educated about pregnancy and birth and to feel confident making their own decisions, regardless of what those decisions are. Every pregnancy, labor and birth are different so I believe in providing flexible, patient and individualized care. With this type of care, each family can have the highest quality experience possible. Each person involved--mom, dad, siblings and baby--deserves the personal, compassionate, humble care of a well-trained midwife. I support families as a licensed midwife with complete prenatal care, labor and birth care, as well as postpartum and newborn care. I also offer support as a doula in the hospital for families who choose a hospital birth with a nurse midwife or OB/GYN. "

Kindra Kennedy - Certified Professional Midwife, Licensed in Oregon

  2017 Kindred Hearts Midwifery Bend Oregon
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